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You don't sit at a desk all day, so why should you have to sit at a desk to connect with us? We offer multiple ways for you to get information about the university: an Android app, iOS app, and a mobile website to ensure the university is always accessible.


People Search
Quickly find students, faculty & staff
Building Search
Building information at your fingertips
Get quick access to emergency phone numbers
Library Services
Find books and materials on WSU Library’s website
Wayne Connect
Easily access email and calendars on the go
Check the balance on your account
Your student newspaper
Employee Tools
Access employee tools and information.
Check out the latest news on campus
See what's going on around campus
Check your grades
Class Schedule
View your current schedule
Be prepared with up to date weather information
See real-time parking availability.
Campus Dining
View dining locations and daily menus.

How do I use Wayne State Mobile?

  1. Visit http://m.wayne.edu/ on your smartphone.
    • The website will come up automatically
  2. Visit your phone's "App Store" and download "Wayne State Mobile"
    • Add the app to your home screen to keep it one click away

What is the difference between the App and m.wayne.edu?

Having two different applications allows the Wayne State Mobile presence to be flexible.

  • The mobile website allows the casual visitor to get information in a friendly format.
  • The app allows dedicated users to always have information at their fingertips and even pushed to their device. The app also allows the user to view secure information like grades, schedules and their OneCard balance.

Questions or feedback?

We are always looking for feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email us with your thoughts.